Spezifische Produkte und Verfahren für Korrosions- und Industriebautenschutz

The S.K.I-Group

Corporate Business Principles:

» As a service industry company S.K.I-Group offers its customers all the advantages of a reliable, attractive, innovative and extremely flexible medium-sized company


» Our customer needs and requirements, in particular the manufacturing skills methods in combination with the highest quality standards, are the main focus of the employees.


» The S.K.I.-Group continuously strives to evaluate the direct and indirect impacts on health and environment regarding all our production and processing technology and aligning our HSEQ-objectives to international standards.


» The S.K.I.-Group is committed to comply with the human rights within the framework of the UN Global Compact and we do not engage in any conducts that obstruct or interfere with human rights


» The S.K.I.-Group relies company-wide on qualified, committed, global thinking employees with entrepreneural spirit