Spezifische Produkte und Verfahren für Korrosions- und Industriebautenschutz


Corporate History


  •      2020 Austria: Hot spray coating at gas station ARGE Rohrbau NEP Rimpar
  •      2019 framework agreements in Austria and Romania extended until 2026, major project Polyfuel refinery Brazi
  •      2018 Austria: TAG gas pipeline refurbishment wall thickness with Clock Spring® system
  •      2018 Germany: Operation stopped, the support of the German market is provided by S.K.I. Korrosions- und Industriebautenschutz GmbH Austria.
  •      2016 Austria: Hot spray coating refurbishment TAG gas pipeline with HABAU
  •      2015 Austria: Joint and surface sealing refurbishment catch basin of tank farm ELAG
  •      2012 Croatia: Establish of S.K.I. Premazi d.o.o. in Zagreb
  •      2011 Romania: Group framework agreement S.C. Petromar S.A. for seven oil and gas production platforms (offshore) and a shipyard in Constanta and certification to ISO 9001:2008 and SCC ** 2006
  •      2010 Romania: Establish of SKI-Avril Coatings S.R.L. in Ploiesti/Bucharest and acquisition of the corrosion protection department of Avril S.R.L.
  •      2010 Austria: Certification according to ISO 9001:2008 and SCC** 2006
  •      2010 Austria and Romania: 3-5 years corporate agreement with OMV AG and Petrom S.A.
  •      2009 Austria: Establish of the S.K.I. Korrosions- und Industriebautenschutz GmbH (S.K.I. Facility and Corrosion Protection Ltd) in Perchtoldsdorf/Vienna
  •      2009 Certified according to WHG § 19 (the Water Resources Act for protection of water and the environment)
  •      2009 Germany: Further development of the QM system ISO 9001 according to SCC**: 2006
  •      2009 Reorganization and setting of new targets to proceed towards internationalization
  •      2009 Germany: Acquisition of 100% of the company shares by IB&M GmbH managing partners Wolfgang Rainer and Robert Sobitsch, both with extensive experience in industrial plant construction (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering) as well as corrosion protection
  •      2006 Certification according to ISO 9001:2000 was made by TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH
  •      1995 Market entry in Austria with the hot spraying method by OMV AG
  •      1985 Introduction of the hot spraying method and commissioning of the first projects
  •      1985 Conversion to solvent-free materials in accordance with DIN EN 10290, DIN EN 30677 and DIN EN 10289
  •      1980 Merger of the corrosion protection companies in Mannheim and Kelsterbach and relocation to Frankfurt/Höchst
  •      1976 Klaus Birr founded the limited liability company for derusting by sand blasting, corrosion protection and industrial painting in Mannheim, Germany.