SKI Korrosions- und Industriebautenschutz GmbH
IPS International Project & Safety Consulting
IB&M Industrie Beteiligungen & Management GmbH

S.C. SKI-Avril Coatings S.R.L.

SKI Premazi d.o.o.

Managing Directors:
Wolfgang Rainer
Robert Sobitsch
Bogdan Axente (Romania)
Bernhard Dragaun (Austria)

Legal Notices

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Alfred Feierfeilstraße 3
2380 Perchtoldsdorf

Purpose of the company: corrosion protection and the protection of industrial buildings
VAT registration number: ATU65267659
Company Register number: FN 334911t
Registration court: Wr. Neustadt
Registered Office: 2380 Perchtoldsdorf

Phone: +4318658865
Fax: +4318658865-21

Member of: Lower Austria Chamber of Trade and Industry
Professional code: the manufacture of industrial corrosion protection

Supervisory authority / trade authority: the Mödling Regional Administrative Authority
Trade description: corrosion protection and the protection of industrial buildings
Trade description conferred by: Austria

Managing Directors
Rainer Wolfgang, Robert Sobitsch, Bernhard Dragaun

Ownership structure
Shareholder IB&M Industrie Beteiligungen & Management GmbH 100%

EU dispute resolution
As required by the Regulation on Online Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Regulation on Consumer ODR) we would like to inform you about the online dispute resolution platform (ODR platform).

Consumers can file their complaints with the European Commission’s on-line dispute resolution platform at . You will find the contact data you need for this above in our Legal Notices.

However, we wish to make you aware that we are neither prepared nor obliged to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer dispute arbitration board.

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